Da’wah comes from tad’u, which means to supplicate, call, request, encourage, seek help, incline towards, or ask.

Giving da’wah is in general a communal obligation. But practically in our times, one can argue that in many cases it becomes an individual fard that we’re all required to practice. This is because there are so few Muslims who have any correct knowledge of the religion, and so many who’re giving improper da’wah, teaching people innovations in religion and often shirk. In order to combat the da’wah of shaytan, we need to build the habit of calling people to Allah.

O man! Prepare yourself for the Hereafter, obey Allah to the extent of your need for Him and anger Him to the extent of your patience in Hell.”
Abdullah ibn Mubarak
“The life of this world is a house of deeds and the Hereafter is a house of horrors. Man remains between deeds and horrors until he settles either in Paradise or in Hell.”
Yahya ibn Mu`adh
“Man’s fear of Allaah is equal to his knowledge of Him and his renunciation of worldly pleasures is equal to his desire in the Hereafter.”
Al-Fudayl ibn `Ayyad